Sunday, February 12, 2012

How it's going

Clearly Derby has been up for a little over 2 months now and we have 111 fans.  Not a huge number - Starbucks has 28+ million - but I'm pretty happy with our number, for a few reasons:

  • We are new page with a new concept - it will take awhile for people to "get us" (and hopefully not run away when they do)
  • We haven't promoted the page yet in any significant way.
  • Our target audience, Derby CT, is a small city with only a few thousand citizens who have facebook accounts.
  • Our "product" is not sexy because local government is not sexy.  

So, given the above, I think that 111 fans is like a small mob.  And you have to take into account that a Clearly Derby fan is worth at least 10 fans on a normal page.  Our fans are that good and that loyal.

Our biggest challenge on Clearly Derby is much the same as that in the public (and private) schools.  Our subject matter is just not that exciting so we have to use some "bait" to get our "customers" interest.  We have to be careful to not make the "bait" too much fun or else our students, and facebook fans, become much more interested in the fun and games than the subject itself.

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