Friday, April 27, 2012

What About Derby?

I went to the Board of Aldermen meeting last night to see what was up. The room was filled to the max and beyond. I understand that the Mayor has supporters and non-supporters. That's why we have an election every 2 years. When someone doesn't have enough support then they lose the election and the new person steps in. It didn't bother me that some Staffieri non-supporters were there and gave their opinions. What got to me was their display of raw hatred for Tony and their contempt for the office of Mayor. One person was so worked up that she was pacing at the back of the room actually shaking. Another person leaned over the back of the chair in front of her and raised her fist and made catcalls. I wanted to take pictures of this but was a little afraid to do so. Our Aldermen didn't fare much better. They were dignified for the most part but they were not looking out for Derby in my opinion. They want to force Domurad back into his position. So we're going to have a City within which two major players aren't on the same page, at all? Is this good for Derby? Joe Coppola, our corporation counsel, who is paid to protect Derby, repeatedly advised the Aldermen to not discuss the details of Domurad's departure in public because of likely civil litigation. He advised them that it was not in the best interests of the City. They didn't listen - in fact they laughed and made jokes about this. They don't care if Derby is sued and our taxes go up as a result? Really? I must liken last night's "performance" to a bunch of school yard bullies trying to get their way and not caring who they hurt to do so. And, much like school yard bullies, enjoying the whole thing way too much. I apologize if the above comes across as partisan. I've often said that both parties in Derby, and the independents as well, are fine people and I will say that again, but I cannot keep quiet about what I saw last night. The Mayor(s) of Derby, past and present, don't hold us back - this kind of behavior by a handful of those lusting for power is what holds Derby back.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Love Affair (with Dogs)!

Yup, just keep up with the news - dogs are everywhere! Remember the old Kevin Bacon "degrees of separation" thing? I think the dogs are easily ahead of Bacon at this point. I had dogs when I was little and living on a farm. We had Australian Shepherds which were quiet, gentle, and hardworking, but now I'm too busy to take care of dogs and I think they take a lot of care and loving to be happy campers. So, since I don't have dogs now, I thought I might be a good test subject to see how many degrees of separation an average, non-dog-owner has with what's in the news. Let's give it a try: 1. Dog sitter suspected of burglary. 1 degree! I do dog sitting sometimes for my daughter's pet care business. 2. Dog bites person (multiple stories). 1 degree! My mother was once attacked by dogs while riding her bike. 3. Dog bites other dog (multiple stories). 2 degrees! I haven't seen this but have heard about it first hand. 4. Dogs can walk "here" but not over "there". 1 degree! I walk. 5. Dog trouble at the pound(s). 1 degree! I get cats from pounds. 6. Lost dog (multiple stories). 1 degree! My in-laws found/adopted a dog. 7. Dogs take part in weddings (multiple stories). 1 degree! Our daughter used her dog, Jack, as the ring bearer. 8. Dogs protect us (multiple stories). 1 degree! I interviewed the new Derby police dog after he was sworn in. ... and the list goes on. Dogs, you gotta love em!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clearly Upset

See this guy? He's clearly upset. When we hear about stuff that hits us in our heart we get upset. The problem is that we get emotional without knowing the facts.

In all this mess about the Derby Dog Pound I'm not seeing many facts. I'm seeing a lot of allegations and innuendo. The most important question is whether the animals were being cared for properly. We need facts about that.

It's not about how modern or elegant our Dog Pound is. One comment was that it smelled like urine inside. Really? Animal "places" - like zoos too - smell bad.

It's not about Klapcik's people skills. He may not be a people person - anyone can tell you that. But he is a person of integrity, a hard worker, and a responsible person who took good care of the animals given the meager resources he had.

Here's an idea for all of you who are upset. Why don't you show up at one of the Tax Board meetings where we are putting the City Budget together. There are 2 more workshops, a prelimary budget vote, a Public Hearing, and a final budget vote all taking place on subsequent Tuesday evenings at 7pm at City Hall. Come tell the Tax Board, tell the Police Department, tell the Mayor, that you would like more funds dedicated to the Derby Dog Pound!

The teachers and school administrators show up to ask for more money for the schools. They, along with the parents, are the children's advocates. Where are the animals' advocates. That's clearly how it works folks.