Friday, February 24, 2012

Were We Just Bored?!?

Look at this room. What's missing? There's nothing to do. No big-screen plasma TV - no TV at all. No video games. No ipads laying around. No phones to talk to friends or send messages. No laptops. No wii. No nuthin. Nada.

There are no people in the picture either. Where are they? Where have they gone? I think that maybe they're at a local government meeting. They are probably at the Town Hall attending a meeting of the City Council.

Or maybe they are at a church meeting, volunteering somewhere, or taking a class at the local community college.

What worries me is that maybe they are out doing these things because they were bored at home. We think back on those "old days" before television and computers and we think that was swell. Mom did some sewing after dinner while Dad read the paper and smoked his pipe. The kids did their homework and then played a board game or read a book before going to bed. Everyone was there for suppertime and there was some meaningful conversation.

I say that a steady diet of that had to get boring sometimes and therefore people went out into the community more - to find something interesting to talk about and do.

We don't have to do that anymore - we have everything we need right here. Or do we?

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