Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Civic Pride

There are some emotions that are truly universal: The love felt by a mother for her precious child, the utter despair of a broken heart, the thrill of winning a prize, the joy you feel when your loved one comes home from afar, or the desire to protect things that are weaker than you.  

On Clearly Derby, the fans and I are trying to pick out a new profile picture.  We want something that represents Derby well and that's because another universal emotion, civic pride, is in play.  This is our home and we want to put our best foot forward.  We want validation.

I am thinking that civic pride will be what ultimately unites Derbyites and brings them to share some common goals.  We are a feisty, headstrong bunch of Yankees around here, but, that pride in Derby is really strong too.

If you look around at our local government you see Irish, Italians, Polish, Hispanic and more.  You see white and black, young and old, men and women, Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated.  So, I think it's safe to say we can work together - if we can ever decide what exactly we want!


  1. A photo of the Green in the spring would be nice.

    1. Yeah, that would be pretty. Maybe I can talk the photograher, Kim, into taking a new picture (same view) every season ... that would be cool, don't you think?

    2. Absolutely..I love the Green and the churches around it.