Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to the Blog - ROI you say?

I'm ready to start some regular blogging.  Look out!

I was thinking about ROI (Return on Investment) lately.  People seem to either love social media and fully believe in its power or else they scoff at it.  The first thing they will say is that it's impossible to show that the use of SMM (Social Media Marketing) gives you any ROI.

Since I just spent major hours, over several months, trying to promote a political candidate using SMM, I wondered, was this time wasted?  My candidate won, but I don't know that SMM had anything to do with that really.  It could have been the mailers, lawn signs, and talking to the voters by going door-to-door.  These are tried and true methods for winning.

But I had an epiphany the other day!  I was thinking, if you are a good Christian you expect to go to heaven (that's your ROI for being devout).  But you don't know that you'll go to heaven, or that there even is a heaven for sure.  It feels right, your family does it, and the Bible tells you it is so - so you go for it.  But you have no guarantee.

Here's another good one: if you exercise and eat right then you'll be healthier and live longer - that's your ROI for all the celery and jogging.  Are you sure about that?  It seems to make sense - it seems logical - but they are always changing the rules about what to eat, how to exercise, and whether you should be extra thin or not.  It doesn't seem like they are so sure.

I don't think one should scoff or opt out of something that seems logical and looks promising just because one can't pinpoint a precise ROI.  For the most part, we have to have a little faith and use our heads - there are no guarantees!

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  1. I like it. :) And for the record, I think using social media helps alot. People can ask questions any time of the day or night and get answers and have discussions on topics that interest them.