Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Introspection

I don't have to cook tomorrow so I want to eat a bunch of turkey and pumpkin pie and then go curl up somewhere and think about Clearly Derby.

I want our page to yield results, hopefully good ones.  I think one can turn voter apathy around if one can show people how their participation in local government can make their lives better.

A pretty tall order?  People need to be familiar with their local government and those who run it.  People need to be able to match up what they want and need with what the local government can do for them.  Finally, people need to see where they fit in and what they can do, within their time constraints, to participate.

So Clearly Derby needs to help provide this information in an accurate, understandable way that is also entertaining (i.e. interesting).  This is what I need to think about - how to do this - while curled up after Thanksgiving Dinner.  I can't wait!

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