Sunday, November 20, 2011


OK, our Clearly Derby FB page is now 2 days old and we have 34 fans.  This is very encouraging because sometimes a person gets an idea and gets so excited about it that they assume everyone is going to be equally excited - but, alas, they aren't.  At least we have some initial signs of interest here.  Granted, I'm not saying that 34 fans is a viral situation but it's almost 1 fan/hour since we started.

One of the fun things, I think, about starting a FB page like Clearly Derby is the chance to experiment.  On the recent Staffieri 4 Mayor 2011 page we couldn't do that too much because we needed to win an election - we had a specific, short-term goal in mind.  But now our goal is less specific and not so time sensitive, so we can afford to try out a few things.  I can only hope that my social media jedi aren't reading this blog because it is going to make them very nervous.  They will say, what is this experimentation you speak of?  Not using our advise you won't be? Less fans you will be getting.  (Sorry, I speak horrible Yoda).

Let's see what happens!

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