Friday, January 11, 2013

Clearly Not

The 2013 municipal elections seem to be starting extra early in Derby - it's going to be a long year.

Judy Szewczyk (aka me) is the campaign manager for Mayor Staffieri who will be running in November for his 5th term. Judy Szewczyk (aka me) is also the creator/admin of Clearly Derby.

Clearly Derby will not get involved in the election or endorse any candidate(s). Clearly Derby does not have a side.

Judy Szewczyk (aka me) does have a very definite side and will be very involved in the campaign. I will fight for my candidate in every possible legal and moral way. I will sometimes be sarcastic and snide but I won't lie or cheat - not for the Mayor or anyone else.

I hope my wonderful peeps - who represent all sides of the political spectrum - will be understanding and patient for the next 11 months. I will try my best to do right by you and right by Derby and not drag Clearly Derby into the political mud.

Regarding the election - may the best man or woman win!

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