Monday, September 3, 2012

Who do you listen to - who do you trust?

I don't use TV or print newspapers for my news - I find everything I need online. However for the national political conventions I prefer to find a good TV channel, leave it on all evening, and check in periodically.

But I couldn't find a good channel last week!

Some channels have a liberal bias and I don't trust what they say or like their style of reporting. It doesn't work for me.

Some are too conservative and I'm afraid they'll just tell me what I want to hear. That's not good for me either.

Some claim to be fair and unbiased. I think that's very hard to achieve so I tend to question everything they say too. It makes me uncomfortable.

I ended up channel surfing and came away from the whole GOP convention process highly unsatisfied. I'm trying to think of a different way to approach the Democrat convention this week.

Truth isn't that easy to find.

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