Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Our Honor

I was taught, as a child, to honor my parents, my country and my country's flag. I've found others to honor along life's way - but only those that were deserving of that respect.

I believe that Tony Staffieri, our Mayor, the hardworking leader of our community, is deserving of our respect and I think that those who dishonored him with their insinuations that he was lying about the Domurad affair - or worse, that he had forged documents - owe him an apology.

I have tried to keep quiet during this legal process because I believed that the courts needed to sort it out. There may be a cost to the City for this but I ask you, what price should one put on honor?

If Derby is to move forward and become stronger it must take more care in how it treats those who are trying to make Derby better. This is the way we can honor Derby.


  1. Here is my question:
    According to Mr Sill,He said he was "Disturb" by what was done to Mr. Domurad, "that the truth will come out!". Sill said that "The board will not recognize any suspect resignation or firing. Therefore Mr. Domurad is still the finance director of the City Of Derby". Why then, does no one question why Mr Sill votes against getting Domurad and then his wife gets a big fat BONUS? You Suckers! The city attorney should investigate Sill making speeches in favor of Henry then voting in favor of a bonus to his WIFE!

    1. Mr Domurad is no longer our finance director as per the courts. It doesn't matter what Mr Sill or anyone else says.

      I don't believe that Joyce Sill being deputy finance director has anything what-so-ever to do with the Domurad incident.

      Trust me - nobody is getting rich off of this interim stipend thing and Joyce has a lot of extra work and responsibility.

      I believe that work should be paid for. We owe Alan Schlesinger some money too!

  2. Alan Schlesinger deserves nothing. He destroyed our eduction system a long time ago and it never recovered. He is of questionable character as well. I have watched him suck this city dry. Always appears when there is a dollar to be made. He is very good at what he does but he is an opportunist not a believer.

  3. Alan Schlesinger deserves to be paid for the services he rendered to the City of Derby at our request. This was a verbal contract and I think it speaks well of Alan that he hasn't sued us for the money we owe him. Alan is a lawyer so he could obviously sue us without much trouble. If you are reading this, Alan, I am not encouraging you to sue by the way!!