Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Easy Way Out

We love our children - no doubt about that! We know that a good education is the most wonderful gift we can give our children for their future. I would think that our citizens in general, and parents in particular, would be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our children are taken care of. But, time and time again we choose the easy way out and try to throw more money at the problem. Why on earth do so many of us think that giving the schools more money each year will produce better results? We've been doing this for decades and the results are pretty flat. So, why give them more? Because it's easier than looking deeper and working harder. Education has become a huge, voracious, poorly managed industry that can't deliver. We have good teachers but we don't know how to deploy them. We have enough money but we don't know how to invest it. We have good administrators but they don't have any motivation to try something [radically] different. Children are not the same as they were even 10 years ago. The education system needs to drastically change to effectively deal with these "new" children. Parents need to get much more involved. Taxpayers need to say, "no more money - try something else!". Educators need to be bold and dare to fly in the face of tradition. We need to think about this and work on it.

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