Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Love Affair (with Dogs)!

Yup, just keep up with the news - dogs are everywhere! Remember the old Kevin Bacon "degrees of separation" thing? I think the dogs are easily ahead of Bacon at this point. I had dogs when I was little and living on a farm. We had Australian Shepherds which were quiet, gentle, and hardworking, but now I'm too busy to take care of dogs and I think they take a lot of care and loving to be happy campers. So, since I don't have dogs now, I thought I might be a good test subject to see how many degrees of separation an average, non-dog-owner has with what's in the news. Let's give it a try: 1. Dog sitter suspected of burglary. 1 degree! I do dog sitting sometimes for my daughter's pet care business. 2. Dog bites person (multiple stories). 1 degree! My mother was once attacked by dogs while riding her bike. 3. Dog bites other dog (multiple stories). 2 degrees! I haven't seen this but have heard about it first hand. 4. Dogs can walk "here" but not over "there". 1 degree! I walk. 5. Dog trouble at the pound(s). 1 degree! I get cats from pounds. 6. Lost dog (multiple stories). 1 degree! My in-laws found/adopted a dog. 7. Dogs take part in weddings (multiple stories). 1 degree! Our daughter used her dog, Jack, as the ring bearer. 8. Dogs protect us (multiple stories). 1 degree! I interviewed the new Derby police dog after he was sworn in. ... and the list goes on. Dogs, you gotta love em!


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